Steps to Book a Car

Call us at 09822134393 to know the Steps to Book a Car in goa. We Sru Sri Travels offers hassle-free and simple steps to...

Terms & Condition

Terms and Condition to book a car As we all know life is much precious than enjoyment. Terms and Conditions are aimed for the...

Refund Policy

Deposit Amount Refund Policy! Since we expect and value every customer, Sru Sai Travels refunds the amount under certain terms and conditions. We wish the...

Who we are?

We Sru Sai Travels, welcome you all. We’ve flourished because our customers love how we work. We are the most experienced in renting Cars and Bikes for more than two decades here in Margao. We set up our office almost in the heart of Margao city. We are just 3 km away from the Goa Railways Station, 200 Mts from Margoa Bus Stand and 24kms from Goa international airportWe make renting a car or bike as simple and personal as driving your own. We want us to help our customers to find the right car at a great price.We provide our clients/ Customers full serviced vehicles, well-maintained interiors and exteriors for the competitive prices in the market. As we all know maintaining a car or bike is a tedious process and even some times expensive but still we respect customers satisfaction along with their enjoyment in goa. I kindly request all to go thru the testimonials written by the previous happy customers who took a step further who provided us with the written version Thank you very much for being our customer.

Fuel Details

Bikes in goa with no kilometre cap! drive unlimited kilometres with goa cars! Keep going and explore the beauty of Goa with our unlimited...

Kilometre Details

Explore Goa without car kilometre cap! Goa car rentals with unlimited kilometres. No Kilometer Capping. Drive as much as you want without paying anything...

Key Points

Key Points, Precautionary Measures, goa permit areas, documents, Damages and Insurance We Suggest and Request our clients to go through the key-points to know...










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