Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Book a car in Goa to experience Scuba Diving!

Scuba Diving Goa Package is one of the most popular adventure water-sports in Goa. Diving is conducted by PADI certified scuba diving centers in Goa. You can explore underwater sea life the best way by opting this package.  Scuba diving places in India that offers Goa Scuba diving packages are Murudeshwar,  Malvan,  Port Blair,  Andaman and Nicobar Island and Goa (Grande Island).  Scuba diving in Goa season starts from October and last till last week of May.  Scuba diving in Goa price also varies from operator to operator. Scuba diving Trip in Goa is for every adventure lover. Scuba diving at Grande Island for non swimmers is one of the must to do trip for people visiting Goa to explore under water life.

Why Scuba Diving in Goa ?

Scuba diving in Goa packages is must to do adventure activity  in Goa. Grande Island in Goa location is the best diving destination in India.  Goa is one of the prime scuba diving destinations in India. Goa diving destination offers amazing marine life, corals, reef and ship wreck.  The Dive Sites are mostly shallow around Grande with visibility of 8-10 m.

Scuba diving in Goa price?

Scuba Diving Trip in Goa- Scuba diving in Goa price is major factor attracting adventure lovers for the activity. Cost of Scuba diving in Goa varies as per the length of the dive.  The Cheapest scuba diving in Goa package starts at Rs.2500. One of the best selling package is FUN dive specially designed for beginners. We operate Scuba diving at Grande Island in Goa from Calangute dive center Goa scuba diving packages and scuba diving certification in Goa

Dive option

Fun (pleasure) Scuba Diving in Goa for non swimmers– This Introductory scuba diving at Grande Island in Goa for non swimmers is specifically designed for beginners.  This dive is good for beginner enthusiastic to experience their first under water in Goa. If you are comfortable in water you can enjoy this dive for 15-20 minutes. You need not be a swimmer to experience your first dive. Goa dive requires you to undergo training session of 15-20 minutes prior to the actual dive. The Pre-Dive training session in pool are done at our diving center. Training session can sometime be conducted directly in the sea depending on time . The training brief you about the Dive, underwater signs & breathing, handling diving and other safety kits. This Dive is also the first step in your PADI certifications if you plan to do one. For more information checkout our Goa Scuba diving videos and reviews by visiting our blog on Goa Scuba Diving options Goa Deep Sea diving can also be availed by enrolling for a PADI Scuba diving course in Goa.

Adventure Watersports

The Scuba diving package also includes adventure watersports activities which includes – Jetski- ride, Bumper Ride, Banana Ride, Parasailing & Speed boat. The location of the watersports will be decided by the operator based on the crowd and time.